Simon Fensholm


Simons Fensholm works in painting. His artistic universe takes it´s starting point in man´s searching for control in an uncontrollable context that it has been placed in.
Fensholm´s work presents itself as an investigation of the constructed authenticity and the controlled chaos that, like a life jacket, permits us to float on top of the imperfect and vulnerable. It points out what makes us perishable creatures. The paintings are like an expressive documentary which creates a coherent voyeristic portrait of the modern human being and it´s time where an understated fragility and poesy hide just underheath the surface.
The viewer is placed somewhere between perfect and imperfect, between the melancholic and the hopeful. Right there in the fog´s grey ambiguity – between the abstraction and the figurative. Here lies the poetic and silent narration of man´s blues alongside the feelings that seem impossible to translate.
“The paintings are narrations from the innermost part of me, a place inside my head where fantasy and all the reflections grow. A place where the impossible is possible and the possible sometimes even completely impossible.” – Simon Fensholm

Simon Fensholm (born 1985) lives and works in Copenhagen.

He holds a degree from The Royal Academy of Design in Copenhagen (2015) and debut on the aert scene at Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling in 2015.
In 2016 he was selected to participate in the spring show at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.

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