Pabi Chulo

In my artwork, whether it is performance video, sculpture or painting I explore the way culture, science, and society interact with the physical body and what questions this might rise for the future of humanity. I believe we have to redefine some of our future values and that these changes can be built on history, knowledge, and recognition of the disasters we have created. No matter if it is scars on our body, the nature, or society.
I do not believe in simplicity. I believe that everything is connected in a very complex and infinitely ramified world. In my artwork, I use a mix of different elements such as humans, animals, nature, machines, and technology. My paintings and drawings become systems and phenomena at the same time, in which the mix of known and unknown figures come to life and live and breed with and from each other.
In my practice, I construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct. It is integral to my creation process to be able to lose control of my materials and then win back the power. Much like reality. This brings a definitive dynamism and unexpected correlations to my work.

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