Sussi Trampedach

Juxtaposing herself with ancient artists and their techniques, Sussi Trampedach paints on marble; she renews and contemporizes the process by applying a marble paste to the canvas, letting it dry and sand it down to make it matte. She paints the motives on this, often topping it off with leaf gold/silver and varnish to make it stand out on the grey background, thereby creating a unique depth in the works. She often focuses on a single or two persons in every work. Although the figures are human and female-like, they often come across as nymph-like, with a supernatural glow. Their ears turn into feathers and grow into the heavens; their tails swirl around and help them keep the balance. These elements also add to the fairytale atmosphere in her work. They are telling their stories through movement in their slender bodies – a clear reference to Sussi’s earlier career in dance – and their multi-facetted facial expressions. Sometimes they look peaceful and contented, other times their eyes shine with sinister intentions.

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